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Myesha Suckra-Dorbu

Peaceful Living

I am a firm believer in living your best life! Doing what makes me happy is how I live MY best life. Happiness to me includes spending time with my husband, friends, and family and working out at OrangeTheory Fitness. One thing that brings me peace is being at the beach. I am from Jamaica and have had so many memories of being at the beach. The sounds of the waves, the warm sand under my feet, and the golden sun truly bring me peace. I make time to travel, experience life, and enjoy the outdoors. I am a “foodie” and find joy in trying as many different types of foods as I can. Being able to prioritize and make time for my favorite things is how I embody living my best life!

Education and Professional Experience

I received my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. I have enjoyed working in private practice settings with diverse populations in Miami and Gainesville, Florida. My work has focused on counseling teens and adults. Prior to counseling, I served as an educator for four years, teaching 5th and 6th-grade students. As an educator, I was able to work collaboratively with students, faculty, parents, and the community, which only enhanced my skills as a counselor.

I currently work with teenagers (ages 15+), college students, and adults in individual therapy. I specialize in helping my clients navigate changes in their lives and mental health symptoms of stress, depression, self-esteem, and anxiety. With guidance, strategies, and support, you can achieve the life you have envisioned for yourself, inviting peace and continued healing.


Together, we will work through your life challenges, build confidence, and increase awareness and understanding of your situation. I teach strategies to decrease overthinking, strengthen your support system, and transform your way of thinking. Together, we build on the sense of empowerment that is already within you. I believe that our life experiences, identity, belief systems, and culture make us who we are. Our work together will incorporate these experiences and beliefs. Going to therapy is an important step and I look forward to working with and supporting you on your journey to overall peace and healing!

My Why

My path to Mental Health therapy was not a straight and narrow road. I went to the University of Florida as an undergrad to pursue a degree on a pre-medical track. Being from a Caribbean background, it was predestined that I either become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. More specifically, I was to become a doctor. However, seeing the curriculum and all the science courses I would have to take, I decided that it wasn’t for me. I did not know what I wanted to do and eventually decided to major in Telecommunications News at the College of Journalism. I enjoyed the program but this was not what I wanted to do. After graduation, I was still unsure of my career path. 


Fast forward to 2015, when I was a teacher in the Mississippi Delta with the non-profit organization Teach For America. It was there, while I taught 5th Grade English Language Arts for two years, my passion for counseling ignited. My students would come to my planning period and talk about their lives and the struggles they were facing. My school at the time only had one counselor for a population of about 300 students. I knew my students were not getting the help they needed. Also, being from the Caribbean, I saw family members struggle with mental health issues and, due to the lack of access and stigma, did not get the help they needed. Upon reflection, I decided after my two years of teaching, I would go back to Florida to pursue my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. From there, the rest is history.


I can truly say that I am living my purpose, and I have found a career path that is my passion. I am happy that I get to wake up every day and help my clients become a better version of themselves. I am happy that I get to help my clients navigate life challenges through peace and healing.

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